Wednesday, October 11, 2017

State Housing Finance Agency Programs

How can you make owning a home a reality? You know, a lot of people that I talk to everyday don’t realize that homeownership could be a reality for them. Why? Finances. Most people stress out about money and that they don’t have enough of it to buy a home. What’s so amazing about homeownership is that in some cases, your bills will stay about the same as if you were renting and in some cases, they may be lower! That’s pretty insane right? But it’s true, depending on what type of home you decide to purchase, your mortgage payment could be lower than your current rent. 

So how do we get you in a home without having a big downpayment? There’s quite a few State Housing Finance Agency programs which can help with not only the downpayment but with some of the closing costs too. Yes, you will have to bring some money to the table but it could be much lower than what you think! And if for whatever reason this isn’t an immediate goal for you, it’s important to meet with a Loan Officer to help you establish goals and checkpoints in order to get your finances in order and eventually become a homeowner. 

If you ever want to learn more information about what kind of assistance programs are available to you, make sure to give me a call! I’d love to speak with you about it. 

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